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April 27, 2010

Even our lord himself on the cross…

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Took a pause for a nice cup of tea.

As you can guess from this photo mere moments ago, I’m rather excited. I received a summons to the post office a few days ago telling me that I had some monies to pay them for some custom fee or other. I had one culprit in mind; “Mother”. I was right.

However, in deference to the odd occasion when they do respect your wishes, I’ll say I’m rather fond of her right now. Why? Well, it’s because one day, once upon a time and also a long, long time ago I discovered a favourite tea-set. In a little cafe-bar-restaurant called Ironique, which featured heavy duty wrought-iron sculptures as well as being delicious, I found this tea-set. It was amazing. The tea was excellent too, but joint prime amongst my affections were the combination of amazing tea pot (which after the first cup is poured holds the leaf at such a level to prevent stewing) and startling cup. Well, I say cup, tumbler’s about right. It doesn’t have handles. We’re talking properly old-school tea cup here. No handles. Except this is the future of tea cups. The far future, possibly.

Y’see, they’re hollowed. I.e. there’s an ‘inside’ to the cup you can’t get to, like a vacuum flask. But a cup. For tea! Keeps it cool to hold and warm to drink, fantastic!

Here’s a picture of the set. Kettle’s boiling right now. Hooray!

How exciting, eh? Now to fill it with tea…

April 9, 2010

Another year, another pile

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Pile of books! I can barely believe it’s April already, but to help quantify and qualify things, here’s a reading list to keep things up-to-date! I should stress that it is certainly not in the order of reading, overall. Flatland and Lolita were indeed first, but it slips up a bit from there on in. So, read-on…!


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