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August 14, 2008

The Battle for Isstvan V

Filed under: Cogitations,Reflections — xisor @ 8:36 am

I did a bit more thinking last night, and substantially little work.

I started thinking again about Space Dwarfs. They used to be the Squats, but folks on Warseer have adopted a new abhuman subsect instead as a replacement: The Varingyr.

I spent an hour or so last night working on a loose fleet list for them. I’m actually rather pleased with it! I think it works well and is quite characterful. Not terribly balanced, but we’ll see in time.

For myself, however, I’d started. The BFG ball was rolling. I’d been thinking of the Dropsite Massacre again, and that got me thinking further: the fleets. The Expedition Fleets. Pretty fun stuff, huh?

Well, yes. Precisely. Absolutely rip-roaring stuff. And I got a little carried away. I started making a loose assembly of the complete disposition of forces for the entire Great Crusade. Well, a template for it at least. Imperial, Mechanicum, Astartes, Civilian, Outremar, them’s the basis for the fleet. In addition there’s obviously the  Sisters of Silence and Adeptus Custodes too, but they come under the direction of Imperial Vessels IMO, as distinct vessels (SoS Destroyers & AC Strike Cruisers).

I need to reverse some of the ‘Character Ships’, the Terminus Est, Horus’ BB, I’d like to do the N’bel’s Hammer too (the Salamanders flagship) and basically to try to compute and correlate the entire force present at Isstvan during the dropsite. (more…)

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