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January 28, 2010

Back & Bookiwooks

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In short, I intended to leave Christchurch early Monday morning on the 7am train bound for Picton. In actuality: I awoke at 8am swearing, then examined my computer to find the alarm hadn’t went off. It begun beeping. I swore colourfully.

I cancelled the boat and next train which I was now also unavoidably missing. I pleaded with the lady, but there was nthoing too be done. “There’s nothing to be done” she probably said and went home early realising there was no more work to do, ever.

In a stupendous fury of absolutely moderate proportions, I proceded directly to the only thing I would choose of many opportunities which I was confident would save me. Starbucks. Venting my tepid, devastatingly accepting fury, I ordered the most complex drink I could think of at the time. A grande extra-shot skinny peppermint mocha, no whipped cream. I could have done better with but a second’s thought; I could have had some whipped cream. I didn’t. In my misery, there was no whipped cream to console me.



January 19, 2010

The Furthest Edge

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There’s a high chance that this is the absolute furthest I’ll ever be from ‘home’. Home’s a funny concept these days but for the time being I still think of it as St Andrews. This applies in two cases. Firstly ‘…is where the heart is’, which I think rather nicely speaks for itself, though more explicitly it’s where a particular, sometimes hat-sporting young redhead resides. Secondly, and more obscurely, it is ‘…where you hang your hat’.

Now, if you’ll pay careful attention:Spot Robin's head!

And compare with:

Well, you’ll notice that my hat is both here, in New Zealand, and also cohabitting my academic brother’s, Robin’s, head. To that end, my hat (which I gifted to him since it suited him so well, and bought a replacement for myself) now resides in both hemispheres. One with me, one with him. To that end, my hat hangs in St Andrews. (more…)

January 13, 2010


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Now it’s both myself and Jonny trapped out here on the far end of the world. It’s reassuring though, Jonny is delightfully mad and is an excellent reminder of St Andrews.

This week I arrived in Christchurch early on Sunday. Whilst I did not catch Jonny that day, I did have a grand ol’ explore about the city. It’s a strange place, big, but flat. The sort of expansive place I think which would really grate on me after a while.

It’s big, it’s flat, it’s grid-like structure and lacks some distinction in its familiarity. To this end I find my navigational super-powers completely undermined not only by its disturbingly difficult-to-grasp features, but also by its lack of hills. And the sun being in the wrong place. (Hell, even the moon is upside down!)


January 7, 2010

Travels in Space & Time

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This is a quick blog to add a little retrospective commentary to the last few entries. They consist of my ‘old old bebo blogs’, mainly from way back in 2006 & 2007. Most of them are a little mundane, but the lengthier ‘subentries’ I find to be quite stimulating reading (and a few of my friends found them quite marvellous too.

So let me tell you a little more about Part IV, the July-December ’07 period. It was my…most glorious time. Best grades, best friends, happiest I’d ever been and most wonderful adventures. Okay, so it’s not quite The Glasgow Adventure of this summer, but as a single run…Well. If you’re going to find anything out about my past, look at Part IV and digest some of it. The tales, the ideas…it’s strange. Stranger than fiction would be the glib response. But it almost is. Some of the stories in the last blog entry are not only real, but there’s more detail to them, more wistfulness and more genuine melancholy at the passing of such wondrous times.

I can’t stress enough how fondly I look back on this time. And what a time it was…!

It included making remarkable friends, wonderful adventures, learning and performing to the best of my ability and, yes, finally visiting Albania. (And yet that was just the beginning of the adventure!) I even lost faith in God, but gained so much more. I’d say I’d never looked back, but that’s a lie. Of course I look back, but I look back and see this period of life as decidedly magnificent. It’d be nice to suppose that something equally as magnificent awaits hidden in the mists of the future…but having that opportunity alone is almost enough. Hell, it is.

The Longest Distance

In other news, I may have entered into a rather remarkably long distance relationship with an absolutely fantastic redhead. It’s a decidedly remarkable story in and of itself, but that should wait for another time and another palce. As it stands now, we are not only long-distance, but about as long as two humans can get: We’re seperated by the entire planet and a thirteen hour time difference. It could be worse, we could be absolutely seperated in space-time!  It should be little surprise to anyone to hear that I’ve been smiling alot lately. More soon! (Parts V & VI also.)

Spectre of the Past Part IV: 2007 July – December

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03/07/07 Informative & Introspective Fun!

Thirty-eight secrets about yourself (Me, in this instance, not you).
be honest no matter what…

One: what is your natural hair color?
Brown, of sorts. The only colours my hair has ever really been is brown (whatever it is now, though I think it changes a bit depending on what time of year it is) and grey (had to dress up as a priest once upon a time, and grey hair seemed appropriate).

Two: where was your default picture taken?
& When! It was taken at my (academic) mother Elanor’s flat in St Andrews on Raisin Sunday in my first year. You might notice “Frank’s an arsehole” written on my forehead in the photo.

Three:what’s your middle name?

Four:your current relationship status?

Five:does your crush like you back
I didn’t know I had a crush!

Six:what is your current mood?

Seven:what color underwear are you wearing?
White, exceedingly boring.

Eight:what makes you happy?
Lots of things. Cups of tea, catching up with friends, doing something correctly. Y’know, all the old hats. Remembering something I’d been struggling to learn always livens the spirits tremendously!

Spectre of the Past Part III: 2007 Feb – June

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13/02/07: Further than I’ve ever gone before

Well, it seems this semester is the make or break one. If I do well, I’ll (hopefully) have done spectacularly. If I’ve done poorly, I might still have done well, but I’ll be out on my ear regardless! In all honesty, it is literally doomed from the start, but let’s just see how it goes…

So, the modules for this semester, something light and interesting? Something to relax with so that I’m able to recover from last semester? Something easy, perhaps? Not quite:

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