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October 18, 2010

Dawn of the Demiurg

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I’ve been working on the Demiurg for a while now. It’s been…alot of work. But I’ve been keeping rubbish time with them.

So, here, I shall unveil the last few points I really wish to outline before they get a proper, organised update in my book (not an actual book).

The Machination

This is important to me. It will be a Vehicle for the roleplaying game, riffing on the style of the big mining thing in Into The Storm, except it’ll be transcendent. And ‘for sale’. It’s *exactly* what the Demiurg sell to planets. A great big, awesome, clanking AI that can output more than most small cities in terms of industry and processing.

The Commerce Vessels

I need to get these pinned down so that RT players have something to use as their foils. The Demiurg are impressive, high-powered and high-functioning ships. But they are, for mysterious reasons, not optimised in performance. They’re supremely powerful and yet they are…somnambulent almost in their millenia-long turns around the galaxy (and beyond?). Getting a good idea of them down in RTis crucial, in my opinion, to fully fleshing out the look of the faction.

The Exterminators

Deathwatch. The Star Trawler’s buttress is a ship which I intend to be one of the first xenos vessels noted to have actually (if illegally) used the Halo-Jericho warpgate. A perfect opportunity is here for a Deathwatch team to track and study this starship. A tiny escort-transport of not insignificant power. What lies within its holds? What’s it doing?

Given that it’s for a Deathwatch focus, I want the Star Trawler to be an immensely potent Demiurg who, for whatever reason, is travelling on a tiny ship. I want its exterminators to be legion, I want it to be potent and cunning and also more than just a little dis-interested in the actions of the Astartes. Something to really give Deathwatch players the idea that something else is going on. A something else so serious that some creatures are simply ignoring them.

The Dawn of the Demiurg

Most of all, I want the DH adventure to come together. I have a few plot-hooks obviously seeded (including one for Dead Stars which I’m very happy with). I have an idea for an Ascension-level plot that could easily transcend all three games working towards unravelling Kao-Li. But, with the central adventure, I want to see the Demiurg placed solidly into the low-scale techno-cult. A vague overture of Ateanism and Logicians will permeate this sort of thing, with distinct parallels cast akin to the Tau Empire’s methodology in the Ultima Segmentum.

But, at its core, it’s about the impressive potency of a lone Demiurg. It isn’t a ravening monster, it isn’t an unholy threat transcending reality. It’s one clever and reasonably adept alien being capable of altering the local structure of the Imperium, and possibly more.

Personally? I’m quite excited.

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