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July 5, 2008

Relativistic Crystallography

Filed under: Physics,Tea. Earl Grey. Hot — xisor @ 11:03 pm

This last couple of weeks, since contacting an old tutor about the possibility of a summer project or even just study for the summer, my mind has been idly running over what it knows of crystallography. It’s been over a year properly since I did my Solid State Physics course, and even then I only really remember the crystallography parts (the models, the band-gaps…they all pale compared to face-centred-cubes…).

Curiously, however, I felt I’d also done abysmally in my General Relativity exams this past semester. It turned out I didn’t, I got a 12.3 (which is a secure 2;2 grade, not brilliant, but considering I felt I’d failed and had my first ever ‘mental block’ during an exam I must’ve remembered something of use!).

Anyhow, as I say: recently despite not doingvery much physics, I’ve been puzzling over it thematically at least. No equations, no facts or experiments, just puzzling over ideas and possibilities. So, all that combined with last semester’s Gravitational Dynamics and some recent news about matter-filaments that seem to have their intersections coinciding with galaxies…well, it all got me thinking. That and the bottle of Midori I’ve been imbibing! (more…)


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