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December 10, 2009

Spectre of the Past Part II : 11/06-01/07

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09/11/06: ASSASSINS 2: The Return

Well folks, it’s back. And this time I’m (ideally) running the show.…

Should be fun…

20/11/06: A quickie for Raisin Weekend

Touch wood, but it’s all going well. Raisin Sunday was an absolute blast. I’ve a new son and a new daughter, in addition to Malcolm (or Mal-El) from last year. Have had a tremendous Mothers Tea-Party(me not being a mother…) but anyway.

Smashing fun!

Anyhow, I’ve had about gazzumpteen (ie 25+) Units of alcohol today, so should probably stop typing before something ebarassing happens. (more…)

Spectre of the Past: 05/06-10/06

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That stupid bloody phone. Set it for 8 and 8.30 this morning. Woke up at 8. Fine, half an hour to lie in. Wake up at 9.50…


Retrospective Imports

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Over the next few days, I shall be endeavouring to transfer my old Bebo blogs onto this. It’ll mean probably a ton of new entries (I’ll combine, where possible), but hopefully it should be good for…completeness. I might even add some reflections to them too, given that the earliest one starts way back at the end of second year uni (e.g. May ’06).

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