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November 30, 2009


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It’s been a long time in coming, but I’ve finally left the Northern Hemisphere properly and arrived in New Zealand.

I must confess that my precise reason for being here is somewhat mysterious, even to myself. I’d intended to work until graduation and then come across here for a few months ‘to doss about’ until October-y time at which point I’d hoped I’d have some semblance of ‘the rest of my life’ sorted.

This plan did not unfold, it unravelled.


November 9, 2009

Get some perspective (or ‘Hey, that’s cool!’)

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Good news, anyone!

I’m having a lovely cup of sencha tea and feeling exceedingly 1930s about things. It’s ‘the Great Depression’ again (I had to nip down to the job centre today and it felt very ‘depression era’; a wee collection of folks huddled outside for a smoke, folks inside avidly searching any available lists of jobs going, yet folks were surprisingly cheerful despite the grim nature of the situation: you’re out of work!) all over again, I’m sporting a trilby (I think), fingerless gloves, a brown coat, wearing a shirt and tanktop (not that that’s a surprise), but I felt simultaneously rather well dressed and destitute. It’s surprisingly enjoyable being at the bottom of the heap, so to speak. (But, if I don’t speak to soon, I still have my health! Cue: illness!)

Anyway, as said: I’m having tea, some nice sausages for dinner and I’ve more than a few ideas rattling around in my head which I hope to get noted down for future reference. (Foremost at this instant transforming my Tau RPG, at some point, into a Rogue Trader Tau RPG!) (more…)

November 7, 2009

Saturday Stuff

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The Ninth Doctor and his companions

Not too much to report. Hopefully booking the NZ stuff today; need to Skype my mum this afternoon.

Spent most of this morning watching Doctor Who. First up was The Androids of Tara, and old Fourth Doctor story. Not fantastic and I think Tom Baker’s becoming my least favourite Doctor but enjoyable way to spend a morning! Later, I began watching the last three episodes of the new Series 2, first was ‘the one with the olympics’ which I generally dislike as an episode, but I absolutely love some of the little ‘bits’ in the episode. The Doctor’s reaction to the cat, his response of “I was a father once”, his “I say…well…I say” [actually, that’s the next ep], his eating the marmalade with his finger. All that; I just love it. Still, I don’t like the episode.

What I do like, though, is the absolutely stonking double-bill of ‘Daleks vs Cybermen’. Delightful. Terrible plotting and suffering from insane plot-holes and non-sequitars, but by jove I do enjoy it! “Location Earth, life forms detected. EXTERMINATE!”

But now

Well, I’m just watching the end of it. Doomsday, very poignant. Love the music. But I’ll be off out for a walk up to the Wallace Monument then round Stirling University for some of the afternoon too.

For now, I should update my books of 2009!


November 3, 2009

Pick & Choose

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This is likely another book-centric post, but don’t worry!

I find that I enjoy most of what I read. The only notable exception in recent years has been Dan Abnett’s Brothers of the Snake. I feel a bit rubbish saying it, but I really dislike it. I can’t get into it. Each time I try…gah. It’s like I have a mental block on it, except that when I read it my dislike feels sensible. And it’s a shame too, I really rather enjoy much of Abnett’s stuff. (Legion for example, remains a firm favourite in my esteem.)

However, I think there is a telling element here. My ‘critical eye’ is quite forgiving of mistakes and errors. I can happily read a novel which has tons of mistakes in it, but I can excuse them if it features a lot of likeable ideas.

If memory serves, Aaron D-B ‘dislikes’ the method for which many people praise McNeil’s Mechanicum, on the basis that the ‘lore nuggets’ outweigh the strength (or weakness) of the writing. (more…)

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