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September 16, 2009

On Characters

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I’ve been dabbling in the old writing territory. Nothing spectacular (or even terribly interesting), but I have a bit of an idea for a Tau-themed story, Cascade. I’ll say little more save that it ought to be unveiling ideas important (to me) about why N’dras is as it is. Furthermore, my chums over at Sanity Lost have been harrassing me to get my RPG-finger out and get some updates for the games I’m participating in. Now, they’re not terribly remarkable games, but I find them compelling. I’m really growing attached to the three central characters I’m operating (and one pilfered from another person over there who was away for a while).

First up is the highly-attentive, slightly reluctant and largely dishevelled looking Deductor Mae Trantor Havelock and investigator and soon to be (hopefully) Prime for the cell of acolytes we’re working with. Currently she’s escorted by the pilfered Legate-Investigator George ‘Fuzzy’ Fornby-Stewart, whom I’ve really enjoyed writing. The pair make a reluctant duo. Mae is the more serious, more cautious and more obviously business-like of the two…yet her air, her manner and her abilities betray her. She looks like a grim image of brutality, a battered and decayed bit of forge-world scum put into armour, put through the wars and told to apply her mind in the service of the God-Emperor. She’s not terribly characterful, but she’s good to use as a PC. (more…)

Sic Transit

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Continuing the maudlin theme of late, I might relate that I’d recently picked up a copy of Wyndham’s The Day of the Triffids. I’d never read it before, nor seen the visual versions so it was something of a familiar adventure. I knew details, I knew some arcs and points but I hadn’t touched it. It feels, like when I read The War of the Worlds and The Time Machine earlier this year, both intimately familiar and exceedingly alien. To liken it to another feeling, if of different magnitude and trigger, it is much the same feeling I had on that fateful day over two years ago: The day I first stood in Skanderbeg square, Tirana, Albania.

I arrived unexpectedly and unplanned in exactly the place Id wanted to
I arrived unexpectedly and unplanned in exactly the place I’d wanted to


Thinking stuff

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I spent a lot of time recently reading about some particularly interesting points. First up was space-time synesthesia. I’ve been long term fascinated by bits and bobs in cognitive psychology and more broad aspects of neuroscience. I suspect it had always been a low-burning interest, but one which became quite focused through discussions with my older sister as she undertook her degrees in psychology. I almost became a neuroscientist this last year, but being at the nadir of academic performance, the ‘fall’ after the pride of early ’08, it all fell through. Sad? Oh yes, but I’ll survive it.

Now, with S-T synesthesia, the most awesome point I felt was how important such things are in savantism. I’m very much a transhumanist in my pigeon philosophy. I like the idea of being able to alter my brain and explore reality. I really enjoyed the short story Exhalation by Ted Chiang which I’d heard recently on the Escape Pod podcast, at one point it deals with an…’alien’, shall we say, who opens up his own head to explore the internal aspects. It’s an absolutely awesome short story and the real beauty of it lies elsewhere, but this very simple act is one which I, as a theoretical physicist, feel intimately attracted to and unspeakably distant from. It’s experiment in such a base, pure and dangerous (idiotic!) form that I can’t help but feel it…tantalising. Enticing. (more…)

September 11, 2009

A Dazzling End

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Linger. The single word-focus felt at the death of the Umbra in Xenology. It’s a potent word. It emphasises what I feel I have done for a long time. I have lingered.

Over this weekend I shall leave my last proper abode in St Andrews, probably for the ultimate time. It is unlikely I’ll ever live in this town again. It’ll be the first time in over five years where I’ll have almost no overarching reason to come back to this place. I’ll be gone. (more…)

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