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June 27, 2010

The Chapter’s Due

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(Originally posted to Sanity Lost on April 29th)

‘Lo everyone. You mighta picked up that a week-on-Saturday I went to a G. McNeill signing in Glasgow, ’twas very fun and I learned a few tidbits for your devouring.

1- He’s ‘broadly’ thinking of doing a Mechanicus-based trilogy in the far future.
2- He’s also broadly thinking of doing a HH book set on Terra which is much more ‘political/intrigue/thriller’ than anything he’s done before.

For both of these, they’reĀ very up in the air and not-at-all definite, but he was very happy to emphasise that he’s very enthusiastic about the ideas as they stand (which is to say they’re all over the place, but that’s how they usually start). He also mentioned thatĀ The Chapter’s Due has a lot of tidbits spread throughout it pointing to what the Ultramarines did during the ‘middle seven years’ of the Heresy (wherein we don’t here much from them). (more…)


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