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January 23, 2009

Horsing Around

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Well, it’s been a wee while! I’ll endeavour to keep more up to date on this.

Let me start with a story. Last night we were up very late. Nothing too exciting, just having had a laugh and a half in the union and Raisin. Mildly inebriated, everyone was in fine spirits. So, sitting in the Chattan Common room we we sat and chatted for ages. Just a handful of folks; honours years, a pair of first years, a few graduates and myself. Pretty decent banter, so to speak, until we started joking about the ‘closeness’ of one of the fourth years to one of the first years. Jokingly, I suggested “It’s alright, he’s hung like a horse”. Of course, I’ve no idea how the chap is hung, but still…it’s an amusing thing to suggest.

Now, as this guy was out of the room when the comment was made, it’d have been quite inappropriate to keep joking about it for hours afterwards. But, nevertheless, we did not relent and many horse puns were made. We cleared the stables of them. Saddled up. Rode them to safety. Won big at the races. Made an ass of ourselves. We realised we were hungry; I could eat a horse. They suggested just getting  a nose-bag, it’d be easier. Why the long face?

Yes, it was endless fun! (more…)


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