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October 2, 2008

The Ninth Semester

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It’s all ahead full. The last post was, simply put, a plan for a blog entry which, ultimately, will never be done as planned. Why? Well, I split up with my girlfriend last week and it rocked the boat mentally. I’m not sure how much.

Personally, I feel fine. Lacking, but fine. There’s an…austere happiness about it all. It was a disasterous summer insofar as our relationship was concerned, but I was…aware of it. I knew I was putting in all the effort, I was the only one of two who could…see the iceberg. Whether she willfully ignored it or genuinely didn’t notice it until it was ‘too late’ (and then forget/chose not to bring it up) I’ll really never know. (more…)

The rambling of an unsatisfied mind. (Planning stage)

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Discuss the merits of travel. How we’ll surely never travel far enough, the grass will always be greener.

Discuss also why this isn’t an issue. Why this is not really to do with happiness but with activity. Look at happiness on the rack, simply moving and enjoying happiness.

Discuss something silly/controversial/idiotic like ‘the world is me and I am the world’, and hence why the happiness of whatever I’m up to doesn’t really matter. Also then dicuss why it’s vitally important. WWe’re hardly inseperable. I might distinguish my mind and reality, but that doesn’t mean that others acknowledge the difference.

My body is an extension of my mind, but my mind is but a part of my body. Someone close to me says that “People never change. Even when they try” and I’d discuss the merits of not ‘changing’ oneself, but growing internally building some barriers and deconstructing some others within ourselves until we’re really happy with who we are.

Discuss my attitude to drugs. Might I properly be able to investigate this alleyway? Might I also, coyly, slyly or reprehensibly study it in others. Is it ethical?

Everything I hold true about myself, is it true? Need it be true? Where is (are) the ‘necessary truth(s)’ neededfor me to adjust well to reality. Are there any?Is it important that I know them, know they exist, or simply believe they exist but still not know them? Or something stranger, something simpler still?


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