The Account of a Lifetime

January 9, 2008


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Quoted for truth. That’s what it usually is, right?

 I knew I recognised it. I knew it was something deeper, something far better. Quantum Field Theory. Sometimes it just hits you. I’ll never look at those three letters in the same way again.

A Prosperous New Year?

Well, it’s the first entry to this blog this year, so I hope it will indeed be a prosperous new year, but at present it doesn’t appear to be going that way. Complex analysis revision is…slow. As is that for Physics of Atoms and Special Relativity & Fields. Fundamentals of Pure is going nowhere.

But on the upside, I’ve been endeavouring to pursue the importance of talking to one’s self. It is an intriguing thing, but I feel it’s the only real way to properly think about things. Talk to yourself. To talk to myself! I can’t get second opinions when it’s only me, so I have to create them. To question things, to argue with myself. Otherwise I’m simply going straight from ‘idea’ to ‘say it’ or ‘implement it’. I have to focus on having second and third and fourth thoughts.

If I hope to change, to become a more amiable and reliable person, this has to happen. If it doesn’t then I honestly think I fail at life!×9=42/fail.jpg

In any case, I hope to try to improve my own thinking patterns this year. In a manner of speaking it is one of my resolutions, but that I amn’t resolved to do it, but rather I hope I’m able to do it. I think it should be an…interesting year. Not as downright brilliant as 2007, but it looks promising!


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