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October 15, 2013

Barry of Espandor

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I recently caved and acquired Mark of Calth (or Barry of Espandor as I know it), the Horus Heresy anthology released earlier this year. It hits a wonderful array of notes with a very pleasingly coherent thread (well, many threads: a rope?) running throughout its stories. Kudos, I think, to Laurie Goudling on putting together a rather smashing anthology. (Though with one totie, teeny misgiving amidst it.)

First up was Shards of Erebus, by Guy Hayley. It’s largely the first of his I’d read, except for some very short-shorts (though I acquired “Death of Integrity” at the same time as “Mark of Calth”).

It had, I felt,  stilted and strange prose. Bolthole forumite, Rob P, mentioned on twitter, it can also be seen as really… austere writing. Stripped down. I think, and I might be wrong, it’s what I really aspire to. I’d only really encountered it in the old hard-boiled noir-y PI books. Bare-bones writing, really cool; definitely how I’d want to be able to ‘switch on’ writing (compared to the long-winded drivel I vomit forth now!).

In that regard, I found it a bit jarring to read, but I think I liked it a lot. Conceptually it had some great little nuggets in it, and in contrast to what followed immediately after, I think it was a very astute move: meant that Guy seemed to focus much more on ideas and characters than on doling out words on a page. (more…)

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