The Account of a Lifetime

December 31, 2012

Reading Digest & Review: 2012

I’m primarily a BL reader. That’s the ‘main side’ to my hobby of reading, if you will. Or rather, it’s the hobby component of my reading – I love reading generally, but Black Library gets a special place in my heart. Is it convenience? Is it their happy-go-lucky, whimsical charm? Who knows. In any case, I decided to root-out the BL books and keep only the top ones of those, one each from their Fantasy and 40,000 settings.

The rest, however, are ‘merely’ books which I read this year, and given how few there are it’d be churlish to try’n pick out highlights. I’m fortunate, to a large extent, in that the non-BL books I have read this year have all turned out to be pretty decent in one way or another – certainly all have been worth the read, almost all much more than merely ‘worth’ it.

So, in reading order and without further ado:

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