The Account of a Lifetime

January 9, 2013

Demon the Fourth: The Extinction Tower

This evening, I was most intrigued to read this thread over on the Bolthole. Directly, it links to Steve Vernon’s Advice for dealing with a bad review in the context of an author.

The Bolthole, being a place for would-be and fledgling write-y types to congregate and share their enthusiasm, to draw on one another for input, feedback, advice, criticism etc… well, we naturally would be inclined to sympathise. For the bulk of the Bolthole, that basically amounts to ‘imagining the completed, released story’, not really much of a leap of imagination: compared to myself, the vast bulk of folks are actually likely to be published. Some of them have a tremendous output even as amateurs. Wacky, hare-brained or embarrassing fan-fiction isn’t really something that’s to be found in the community.

Nevertheless, always one to see a different (and perhaps non-existent) angle to a conversation, I was reminded rather strongly and in quick-succession of a few thoughts and ‘bad reviews’ I’d had myself. Obviously, they’re not bad reviews: I’ve barely created anything, except any vaguely original thought that’s escaped my mouth – which I doubt there are many of.


December 31, 2012

Reading Digest & Review: 2012

I’m primarily a BL reader. That’s the ‘main side’ to my hobby of reading, if you will. Or rather, it’s the hobby component of my reading – I love reading generally, but Black Library gets a special place in my heart. Is it convenience? Is it their happy-go-lucky, whimsical charm? Who knows. In any case, I decided to root-out the BL books and keep only the top ones of those, one each from their Fantasy and 40,000 settings.

The rest, however, are ‘merely’ books which I read this year, and given how few there are it’d be churlish to try’n pick out highlights. I’m fortunate, to a large extent, in that the non-BL books I have read this year have all turned out to be pretty decent in one way or another – certainly all have been worth the read, almost all much more than merely ‘worth’ it.

So, in reading order and without further ado:

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