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December 16, 2010

The Eleventh Semester

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This is indeed a peculiar situation to be in. Here, six years and a few months after the commencement of my university career, I sit in a different uni’s library studying a subject I really should’ve gotten out of the way five years ago.

In studying IT at Stirling I’ve learned a few things. One of them is that even competency isn’t enough to deliver focus. Even confidence and a decided flair/vigour doesn’t sustain indefinitely. To put it lightly, I could do with a bit of a challenge.

I’ve done well so far. My only non-first class grades are from modules I don’t care for, or from items which were delivered late. I shouldn’t be content with this. I’m sortof smiling on the inside, but not far beneath that I’m deeply dissatisfied with the run of things.

Too much time is being wasted, too much time is frittered away never to be recovered. This is both unacceptable and a hideously detrimental thing. I frittered away the better parts of two years by allowing myself to be crippled in this manner. But now I’ve undertaken something more wholesome, something which should be rewarding, I’ve allowed myself to teeter near the edge of squandering it. Again.

No more!

If you read this and you see me online doing something which is neither creative, nor informative please harass or encourage me into doing something grander.

I’ve written a fair bit lately, in a manner. Not what I’d wanted to have done (the Demiurg), but I’m bustling out in different directions. I had a vague hankering for some sort of faintly cyberpunk story, but it seems to have slipped form my grip in the last few weeks.

I’ve had some more success with photography, but it’s all horribly amateur and unrefined. I’ve tried a bit at reading outside the box and have largely been retreading old ground, another flaw.

If I were to pin two things to be cut out/improved, they would have to be:
– Waffle/blather
– Not double-checking things

This blog entry is a fine example. It’s blather and it hasn’t been double checked. This is not productive.

And yet…it’s been thoroughly productive. Failure and flaws are worst, I would wager, when they still yield results.

As a singular upside, I dug out my old Bugman’s tankards a month or so back. I’ve been having pints of tea ever since!


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