The Account of a Lifetime

September 27, 2010

The Prefabs

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What is certain is that everyone, except Vehekar, feels that they will suffer from 2 levels of Fatigue, unless a proper rest can be found soon.

You enter into a vast stone cavern. Ahead, within the cavern is an illuminated complex of pre-fab cabins set on risers and illuminated by a faint pool of light within an abyssal sea of darkness. The cavern, irregularly shaped, seems impossibly vast to fit into the space beneath the ice station.

And yet…the walls and ceiling cannot be seen, an impression of a limitless gulf surrounds you, a cold and guttery wind blows through it. Ancient, corroded machinery and mining vehicles (long since completely dead) loom blackly in the darkness of the cavern. The floor cracks beneath as you walk, a gritty ice.

Both Hek and Verbal gain a keen sense of familiarity with this place.

As you approach the cabins, Petr recognises the icons on the prefab; a prospector and assayer’s control centre, once the place of a tech-adept assigned to oversee mine workings.

Outside luminen globes on stanchions sway slowly in the cold wind and, from within, the lights still flicker as faint pulses of static can be heard.

Entering into the cabins, you find a scene of utter disorder and chaos; much of the control consoles and machinery seems to have been repaired and modified, unspeakable connections spliced between them connecting in strange ways. Additional instrumentation and clockwork apparatus obviously not part of the original machinery has been added in an haphazard manner.

The machinery is powered and intermittently ticks over, registering data on pict-screens, the print-styluses scratching in response. Much of the spare wall space and other surfaces have been covered in a riot of parchment diagrams of strange mechanisms, occult diagrams, data readouts and star charts.


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