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September 13, 2010

The Judicious Remit of Theta Cell versus the Apoclaypse

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Pick yourselves an Acolyte title:

– Explicator (lone operative type, like a junior Interrogator, a proper ‘agent’)

– Deductor (a PI-style acolyte)

– Scriptor (an organisation-focussed acolyte, almost middle-management…for the Inquisition!)

– Lector (an intellectual acolyte, bearing implicit sanction to possess and contemplate uncommon lore)

– Agitator (a frontman acolyte, a person-type, often a pseudo-cultist for the Inquisition, often priests)

You are aboard the strike frigate “Sigillite’s Word”, sent with all speed to the long-forbidden world of Mara, a world of ice, secrets and death. You have been sent because it has been discovered that the long-vanished Erasmus Haarlock sought a place or device called the Blind Tesseract in the process of pursuing his one true desire. Some among the Inquisition have long known of the Blind Tesseract and that its entrance lies far below the surface of the cursed ice world of Mara. The mysterious and powerful Lord Inquisitor Marr is one of these few and, through him, your own Inquisitor Pitgober has learned of it.

You can still remember his face growing grim as he talked of the Blind Tesseract as a place of lost knowledge where time and space are bound by strange devices, this knowledge finally sparked and unveiled by the curious activation of the Steel Clock on Quaddis and various other phenomena across the sector. The escape of the daemon on Sinophia and the destruction of the House of Dust and Ash on Solomon seem somewhat less random and unconnected with such hindsight. Far flung worlds and obscure devices activated in strange astromantic synchronicity, their fractional import conspiring to unveil a greater, more terrible truth: the last destination of Haarlock revealed.

Under High authority you have been given power and command over a most singular mission: to discover what Haarlock’s designs were and prevent his secrets from falling into the hands of any other who would discover them. Pitgober spoke to the effect that he can no longer trust any others with this task, and if he or others of prominence within the Ordo were to make the journey, even in secrecy, the risks would be all the greater. So it is ordained that you must succeed if Haarlock’s dread legacy is not to bring ruin on all.

Acolyte Explicator Talon resides within the minor strategium aboard the “Sigillite’s Word”. She and the others assembled are the custodians of the remaining knowledge unspecified in your extensive briefs. She has been reticent on the point of her own travels since the acolytes Ventilator, Verbal, Vehekar and Petr were separated from her after their meeting Uriah Tahr on the feral world of Strank. She has been appraised of the fate of the sorcerer Tahr, likely through her participation in the Interrogations sanctioned by Pitgober on your debrief from Orbell Quill. It is thus expected that she is quite well aware of the events that have transpired for Theta Cell since their incarceration in the Red Cages of Quaddis.

She stands in the regular company of Captan Abner Xail, the CO of the “Sigilite’s Word”, a relatively young but experienced officer whose high competence and easy charm have earned the respect of the crew, the soldiers and the specialists aboard the ship. An escort of Captain Xail’s junior officers have been seconded to your service whilst aboard ship, seeing to your needs and requests.

He has made two points clear in the repeated briefs, planning sessions and consultations: firstly that the ship’s outstanding cadre of Navigators are aiming to put the “Sigillite’s Word” as close to Mara as is feasibly possible, meaning the descent from emergence to low-orbit should take mere hours rather than days as is more typical of warp translation. Secondly that, as per Pitgober’s instructions, it is expected there are others, enemies and rivals, in close pursuit and therefore such an aggressive emergence from the warp is neccessary.

In near-constant talks with Explicator Talon is the squad of Inquisitorial troops bonded to Pitgober’s service and secured from a vouchsafed neutral Inquisitorial Fortress; his Maccabian Janissaries. Ten elite troops drawn from the Janissary Cadres of the Imperial Guard raised from the arid, pious world of Maccabeus Quintus. They are led by two highly experienced NCOs, sergeants Childres and Makrade; the team is battle hardened, tough sworn in service at the seven shrines. They see their duty as sacred, their obedience to agents of the Golden Throne as second only to that of the Emperor himself.

Though strong, courteous and generally humourless, it has become plain that the ten men are not mindless, each has contributed widely and expertly in preparatory consultations, drawing attention to the possible threats faced on Mara, the logistics of the situation and the necessity of planning for catastrophic coordination-breakdown.

(The squaddies names are as follows: Sgts Childre and Makrade, Janissaries Gaius, Helenith, Kraven, Arco, Sufal, Nauls, Cars’son and Janaad.)

Of the other near-constant companions of Explicator Talon there are two: first is Astropath Kessa Silinus, a haughty woman of much experience abroad in the Imperium only recently inducted to Inquisitorial service. Stooped and in her late middle-years, she exudes little except a resounding mental fortitude. She seems intolerant of inefficiency and has developed a severe rapport with all except Petr whose efficiency and organisation she seems to particularly value. Evidently she does not feel fully subordinate to the acolytes, though she has proven fully compliant so far, albeit grudgingly.

The second is Acolyte Calium Samiel, a smooth and professional agent of the Inquisition in a curiously similar-yet-opposing mould to Explicator Talon. Though a lean and muscular man of middle age, he carries himself with the noble, restrained demeanour of a well-adjusted administrator. These aspects bely the fact that he is a potent battle-psyker possessed of combat experience versus the Psycheneuein.

Thanks to your status and importance in this mission, you may arm yourselves as follows:

– Any items, supplies or services up to Rare availability which you feel you need from the Rulebook, the Inquisitors Handbook (and from other texts on appeal/plausibility) which is also feasibly acquired within the timeframe.

(- The above may include mechanical servants (skulls etc) in number up to your Int Bonus)

– A single item of up to Very Rare availability. (Further items may be requested but are not guaranteed)

– At very least a hooded environmental bodyglove and respirator to protect against the harshness of Mara

– Hexagrammatic wardings on their armour (or if no armour is worn, on their bodygloves)

– Twenty rounds of blessed ammunition. (If nothing suitable carried, they may receive a best quality stub-revolver with which to fire said ammunition from)


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