The Account of a Lifetime

September 13, 2010

Abroad in the Void

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It has been a month since Quaddis’ Revel in the Darkness. A fortnight since being deposited at Orbell Quill’s orbital station in the care of the new psy-intendant Sevore ‘Old Man’ Rinnox, the successor to the last who was retired under mysterious circumstances. The passage of family fortunes nevertheless heralded your arrival, the tales of benefactor-investments and distant patronage from Malfi and Sinophia strike you as odd, but appropriate. Verbal recalls the interest Enoch Silon had taken in his quaint, agri-homeworld; possibly due to the mob connections.

Between the acolytes, they had scant time to set foot on Orbell Quill. Lady Nile, a fellow survivor of the House of Dust and Ash and effector of their speedy escape from Quaddis, had fled the scene immediately, her unnamed and unmarked Jericho-VIII transport sped for the warp within an hour of depositing the acolytes on the orbital. Vipus vouched to remain on the orbital, evidently disturbed by events and taking solace in the spartan, barely-stocked librarium under Rinnox.Together it was proposed that they would care for the disturbed and convalescent Tarrik Doru, nursing him back to some form of sanity before returning him to Scintilla.

Within a day, response was astropathically gained from the Scriptors of Inquisitor Pitgober at Scintilla’s Tricorn facility; a vessel would be due imminently to acquire the acolytes and continue with their mission. The specifics were this:
– Lay low
– Await only Pitgober’s personnel
– Ignore all other distractions.

A day later the acolytes were pursuing the rumour that Uriah Tahr, or someone posing as him, was still alive and manipulating things at the behest of a mysterious Scorpion organisation. Unknown to the acolytes the expected ship had arrived ahead of schedule, before it had left in truth, and agent Talon, last seen on the foothill bogs of Feral world Strank, was in pursuit of them across the surface of Orbell Quill.

When Talon finally caught up with the acolytes, it was to deliver the most unwholesome news yet: Pitgober and his former master (Inquisitor Lord Marr) have uncovered crucial information pertinent to the Tyrant Star’s appearance at Quaddis. The entire sector’s Ordos are almost singularly in uproar, factions racing and old feuds being simultaneously forgotten and reignited across the board. Quite specifically, Talon relates, the action of the Steel Clock seems to have set off a chain-series of events across the sector, culminating in the unveiling of a most singular fact: the last known destination of Erasmus Haarlock was the interdicted, dead-world of Mara. A further fact was unearthed: he was pursuant of an archaic, possibly xeno-heretical technological device known simply as the ‘Blind Tesseracht’. It has been noted in fragmentary rumour throughout the histories and almanacs of the Calixis Sector for centuries, it seems he deduced its location and sought it.

He was never heard from or seen again.

That was one week ago.

Since then, the acolytes were returned to orbit where the Inquisitorial blackship, ‘The Sigilite’s Word’ awaited them. Aboard was Inquisitor Pitgober and agents acting on behalf of Inquisitor Lord Silas Marr. Although interrogation is plainly foremost on Pitgober’s mind, having promptly subjected each of the acolytes to three solid days of intensive mental inspection and invasive questioning, his staff seemed content with the results and, having profiled the results and dispatched them to Solomon, has notified you thus:

– You are being dispatched to Mara, suspected to be the location of the so-called ‘Blind Tesseract’ with full writs of authority, both on behalf of Pitgober and of Lord Marr.

– This device is thought to be the last destination of Erasmus Haarlock and, thanks to your efforts, has been identified as a key anomaly in the mystery of the Legacy of the House of Haarlock

– Transit to Mara is forbidden by the Conclave Calixis, usually even to Inquisitorial servants. You, the acolytes, and your subordinates have been assigned permission to travel to Mara.

– Mara was formerly the site of an Imperial Mining penitentiary which was overrun and abandoned due to recurring warp incursions resulting in the deaths of over twenty-thousand inmates in 768M41. The investigator at the time, Inq. Ark Ashtyn supposed that human presence on Mara precipitated the disaster by permitting some form of ‘critical mass’ which escalated the local conditions which created a spiralling implosion of unreality involving the predations of Psycheneuein

– Since the massacre the station has been a haunted shell. Though inherently unstable, phenomena seems to intensify the more that living creatures are in the vicinity and also with the more violent and negative emotions that are visited within its confines.

– After abandonment a bombardment squadron was dispatched to shatter the planets crust. They disappeared without a trace. Since then an Inquisitorial cordon has been in effect. Small expeditions report contradictory phenomena and mystery. Larger expeditions, both deliberate and accidental (cf. Mara Landing Massacre of 810M41) have al met with utter disaster

– The Sanction gained by Marr and Pitgober to dispatch forces to Mara is sanctioned by Inquisitor Lord Caidan himself (master of the entire Conclave Calixis)

– The warship “Sigillite’s Word” (a Tempest class frigate) has been put at the Acolyte’s disposal to ferry you to Mara (Pitgober is departing back for Orbell Quill, you notice a flash of resentment in his eyes at this; quite possibly Caidan’s sanction has forbade he himself from approaching Mara).

– The Holy Ordos of the Inquisition are watching your moves; failure is not an option

– You all have access to the following pages of document:


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