The Account of a Lifetime

September 3, 2010

The Only Thing He Ever Failed

It might be news to some of you, but it certainly hasn’t sunk in for me. In one week(ish) I’ll be embarking upon the latest of my adventures. I’ll first set forth from St Andrews and the venture happily ‘back’ to Stirling, albeit this time not as a drifter.

Well, not quite.

The Failure of CS

The thing is, way back in high school, roughly eight years ago, I suppose, I sat Higher Computing. I was the only pupil in a good, 20-strong class to get an A. But there was a black mark. I got 11/20 on the AI NAB, the passmark was 12. I felt the marking scheme wasa wrong as a question gave two answers which were (IMO at the time and still to this day) are both plausible (but one, which I picked, is surely more correct than another).

In any case, I failed and I had to resit. I was a good programmer though, so I hope to complete an MSc in IT with an extracurricular avidity for AI. Who knows, could this be a rematch?

I’m quite exhilerated, in all honesty.

In other news

Really need to reconnect with folks on Sanity Lost, feel like I’ve betrayed them by being preoccupied. Baron, I-D, if you catch this are you interested in 4pm GMT onwards semiregular MSN Dark Heresy runs? Got a nice group running (as per other blog entries!), rather fun.

Also got a fair bit of reading done. Not as much as I’d like, but at least some. Too many anthologies to qualify as novels, I’m sure!

I also found £60 I’d forgotten about last night. I’m rich (ish)!

Now, lunch I think…


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