The Account of a Lifetime

August 17, 2010

Theatre of Clocks

Filed under: Bolthole Game — xisor @ 7:22 pm
At the centre of the inlaid device of the black sun is the legendary Steel Clock itself; a six meter high column of whirling clockwork, lever arms, scything blades and turning cogs made of glittering steel at the heart of which swings a great pendulum weighted by a curiously cut coal-like stone of iridescent mineral the size of a large fist.

Around the room is dancing, drinking and a variety of music Dancers, acrobats and many more artistic entertainers occupy spaces around the room, delighting or offending nobles as you might imagine.

Court gladiators and duellers, some of them nobles themselves even take up arms, wrestling, jostling and even settling old scores with bloody fights. Looking on, you see one gladiator decapitated to polite applause.

Nico senses something akin to the eye of the storm. The swirling vortex of emotions from all around is burgeoning with life, with excess. But also desperation, there is a pressure of fear and darkness lingering on the minds of everyone here.

“I like it,” Vehekar breathes.

Petr’s enhanced senses detect a fine amount of technical trickery within the room. And by fine I mean overwhelming. The influx and influence of data is almost painful to behold, but with effort Petr discerns nuggets and facts.

For instance, some of the clocks are running slow, some fast. They will synchronise, you expect, at the marking of the 13th Hour, though it’d be a SL (Numerology) or a Tech-Use test to be precise on that point


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