The Account of a Lifetime

August 16, 2010

The Infodump of the Spider Bride

Filed under: Bolthole Game — xisor @ 3:56 pm
“And where is your dear scion himself? Ah, of course, he travels within the city. I taste the dark destiny of that bloody line upon you all, whether you know it or not. Erasmus had not been here, but his power touched it, he killed the remaining relations here, those capable of laying claim close to the family. His reach is immense, he has since left.
“But that is not your trouble; you seek the Heron now. I see him, yet only dimly, for the Ruinous Gods walk in his wake, he has already released one widow on the city, his sight now lies on the Widower itself; bound to the Haarlock’s Steel Clock as guardian. The Heron is hollow and nameless, he carries death of this world in his mind and may succeed where others have failed before. This Widower is being pawned or goaded by some force, but which even I cannot say. Of the device itself? The Conjurations, Conjugations and Conjunctions…the Steel Clock not only regulates and predicts astronomical events; we understand it can manipulate them. I fear the Widower will serve Haarlock no more; spite has consumed him and the key may be in his hand now to end his own suffering…and this world’s with it.
“The blood may tame it if it has the will, but to slay such a beast as the Widower as he is is no small thing; no trifle of the laser’s heat or assassin’s needle to perform,” she gazes at Nico and Petr specifically on this point, perhaps indicating something beyond her gifts. “But his heart plucked from its keeping place and shattered will shatter also his living death. The culmination of the Revel; through the thirteenth hour is he vulnerable. In the dread of the Traveller’s return we serve.”
With that, several ladies emerge from the corridor, beckoning you onward. You emerge from the sanctuary, back into the gardens. Spiders mark the path back to the city proper. The lady Weia, Vehekar’s friend, suggests the Collapsed Palaces; the last reported sign of Vulpa’s cronies aside from the Red Cages.

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