The Account of a Lifetime

July 23, 2010

The Note

Filed under: Bolthole Game — xisor @ 11:25 pm
I cannot trust you. I can trust No One and nor should you, least of all this
poor lost servant.

Your Master is betrayed as Mine was, and there are worse things waiting
for us all.

Kill or Be killed—that is the way of it, there is no other truth, whether it
be in these dark cages, the riotous carnival above or the jaded palaces of the

If the Widower has his way, we will all drown in the black light of hells
uncounted when the hour strikes at last.

May the God-Emperor Save You or the Warp Damn You. Each as
you—as we all—deserve.
After reading the poorly capitalised letter (and arguing over possession of the dagger) you again find yourselves atop the gantry overlooking the pit below hosting Vehekar’s ‘jellyfish-panthers’, or ‘spindle-maws’ as Petr insists on calling them. They wail intermittently, largely after any of you make noises.
Stepping out into the only opening corridor you come across a third Beast Houser, again now dead. As you all rush to search his person, you find a fair amount of loot, most particularly an assessor key, meat hook and stub revolver (4/4). The girl, patiently seemingly more calm and arrayed now, looks at the overalls intently; she is already shivering.
The interior beyond looks composed of labyrinthine corridors and larger chambers. They are ancient and rusted, sometimes sheet-plated metals, sometimes crumbling ferrocrete. In the distance already you can see branches in the corridor, gantries over gulfs and ladders leading to the far beyond. Distant sounds are those of humming machinery, screeching metal and the rarer sound of possibly inhuman voices.
In short, there is not silence, there is not darkness but there are shadows and there are discordant noises. The scent is nothing short of overwhelming rotting meat; Vehekar suspects there is at least fresh meat amongst it.
Many distant pathways look to lead up, but many more lead down.
Things to do at commencement of session:
– Identify & divide loot: (dagger, badly soiled overalls, flayed skins, trinkets, clogged mask & rebreather, an assessor key, a leather thong, a meat hook, a stub revolver with four rounds).
– Decide on course of action.
– Talk with girl

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