The Account of a Lifetime

July 18, 2010

Talon & Vehekar

Filed under: Bolthole Game — xisor @ 6:01 pm

“And thus you see the lesson for the eighth hundredth time; foresight leads to a more wholesome, more complete kill. And sometimes a packaged corpse of fresh meat too.”

Talon stood in front of the blackboard, deep in Pitgober’s own library. She was clothed in hunting gear, as was Vehekar. The piles of books mounted high across the desks, their search more than thorough.

He shook his head. “In this case, I don’t seek a kill. The Beast House are cornered and I desire the last lieutenant planetside, alive.”

“Perhaps I misspoke,” she said, squatting. “This last lieutenant can die, it is his prisoner we truly seek as a unit. Have you figured out the identity of the prisoner?”

Vehekar remained silent, he scanned the books intently, the feeling of immitation about him. He scowled at the books, realising similarity.

“Petr’s rage,” he breathed. Understanding washed across the Lychen. “Does he realise? Does the Inquisitor hope to test us?”

She arched an eyebrow. “Who really knows, Vehekar, who really knows?”


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