The Account of a Lifetime

July 18, 2010

Silon & Petr

Filed under: Bolthole Game — xisor @ 5:59 pm

“This is it: adieu, old friend,” said Silon, garbed in the raiments of Sinophia”s new Warden-General. The techpriest stood calmly on the windy starport, waiting to board the orbital shuttle.

“Indeed,” he said bluntly. “It has been a…fortunate episode. I bid Sinophia sees prosperity, that I need never return.”

Silon accepted the logical end gratefully, though still felt somewhat numb to the man.

“The Omnissiah’s blessings on Ronto’s ship, I’m sure. Your role under Pitgober should be … fruitful. Good day, Petr.”

“Good life, Silon,” he said and turned to join the others.

Later, as the shuttle drew to orbit, Silon’s comms blipped as Agent Talon responded to his earlier inquiry.

“Indeed, Enoch,” said Talon, the orbital line surprisingly clear despite the horrendous weather above Sinophia Magna. “Pitgober’s route correlates with the pursuit of Sale, seems likely that the pursuit of the Beast House is little more than a ruse. Still, I can’t deny…it seems surprisingly thorough. I tcan only hope Uriah hasn’t taken up an interest in beasts…”


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