The Account of a Lifetime

July 18, 2010

(Bolthole Game) Silon & Ventilator

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It was late in the evening in Sinophia Magna when Ventilator finally graced thed office of the new Warden-General, Enoch Silon. The office was largely barren and undecorated save for the handful of curious gadgets and artefacts, surelyy some of Silon’s own additions.

“Ventilator,” said the younger man as he indicated the bare metal chair. “Please, sit down”.

The lingering psy-scent of previous occupents thoroughly populated the room, Ventilator detected several highly distinct, almost distinguished trails.

“Who has been here?” He asked bluntly.

“One Inquisitor Hans Pitgober and staff, of course,” Silon said casually. “Ordo Malleus, actually. He’s a protege of Marr’s, though they’re somewhat estranged now, I understand. He’s been overseeing the cleanup here and, if I might say so, he’s rather happy with the job we’ve been doing.”

Vent was possessed of an overwhelming expectation that Silon was about to have said, that he still want to say, that it was his job, not the team’s. Nevertheless, the newly instated planetary Warden continued apace.

“I even think we’ve managed to contain word of your little escapade with the shard, though it cost us a pretty penny and involved reacquainting myself with some people we’d best not speak of yet, not until Petr’s in a more concillatory mood.

“Still, that leaves us with a rather problemaatic conundrum facing us. Pitgober will leave the planet soon, a new senior Arbite has been put in place, as has the planet been reordered back to civility, barely. Agent Talon is already in Pitgober’s service, I understand Mr Vehekar will be joining her for the next few assignments off world. The Technomancer too is expected to join them within a few weeks and Mr Verbal, our own scarred paragon, will be joining Pitgober’s lead cell.

“For now, for yourself, I understand I could be of service…Pitgober remains within the building, well shielded thanks to his staff. He will not resent discussion with you and your…unique insights into events.

“Perhaps,” he continued conspiratorially. “He might even have a certain job for yourself, something to take you far from this … distasteful episode.”

The Warden blinked once and stroked a finger along the gorget he wore under his darker grey shirt.


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