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September 16, 2009

On Characters

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I’ve been dabbling in the old writing territory. Nothing spectacular (or even terribly interesting), but I have a bit of an idea for a Tau-themed story, Cascade. I’ll say little more save that it ought to be unveiling ideas important (to me) about why N’dras is as it is. Furthermore, my chums over at Sanity Lost have been harrassing me to get my RPG-finger out and get some updates for the games I’m participating in. Now, they’re not terribly remarkable games, but I find them compelling. I’m really growing attached to the three central characters I’m operating (and one pilfered from another person over there who was away for a while).

First up is the highly-attentive, slightly reluctant and largely dishevelled looking Deductor Mae Trantor Havelock and investigator and soon to be (hopefully) Prime for the cell of acolytes we’re working with. Currently she’s escorted by the pilfered Legate-Investigator George ‘Fuzzy’ Fornby-Stewart, whom I’ve really enjoyed writing. The pair make a reluctant duo. Mae is the more serious, more cautious and more obviously business-like of the two…yet her air, her manner and her abilities betray her. She looks like a grim image of brutality, a battered and decayed bit of forge-world scum put into armour, put through the wars and told to apply her mind in the service of the God-Emperor. She’s not terribly characterful, but she’s good to use as a PC.

Forby-Stewart, ‘Fuzzy’, on the otherhand, is deliciously characterful and I find great pleasure in writing his decidedly smaller parts in the story. Wry, excited by the general hopelessness of the situation and generally business minded, he takes a great solace in all the shit the universe seems to pour on him. Imagine Marcus from Babylon 5 transposed into 40k and turned exceedingly ruthless.Then put him in WWI-style German gasmasked trench uniforms…

The others, Talon and Krig, operate differently again. There’s not much to them yet, but I hope to develop them more carefully and articulately than I did for Mae. Mae is very open, very broad as a PC, but to actually write her as a character…? Well, she’s a bit Mary Sue. Her flaws are wooly reluctance and insipid self-doubt as would be expected from any thick-skulled hack. I can’t pretend to be anything more, my writing truly is that awful. But, like amateur musicians and other fanfic folks the world over, I can keep applying effort and tooting away. Maybe one-day I’ll figure out that tune…


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