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August 18, 2009

Krootalids & the Tau Empire

Filed under: Cogitations — xisor @ 5:09 pm

Crotalids, in Warhammer 40,000, if my memory serves me well, are a species of migratory aliens who possess an altogether bizarre method of migration. Not flight, not hibernation upon itinerant objects, not cross-continental mass stampede, but this: interplanetary teleportation. They simply disappear on one world and zap, appear on the next.

They’re not a terribly well developed, but the gist is the teleport from system to system, planet to planet, and live. Otherwise there’s not much to ’em. An example of ‘creatures’ using psychic powers, not known ‘sentients’. (E.g. the Crotalids are much more ‘beast’ than ‘man’)

Now, I very much liked the idea of some Kroot coming across the Crotalids and…well…hijacking this ability. Indeed, even beyond Kroot flesh-eating away the power, there is the endearing image which persists in my mind: Tau ‘explorers’ and drone-teams being attached to Crotalid packs and being thus dispatched almost randomly around the galaxy. With a bit of study, it’s possible the Tau could develop a warp-resilient suit that could contain pioneering explorers. Imagine, Total Annihilation-style commander suits attached to herds of Crotalid, dispatched across the galaxy ready to ‘seed’ new worlds with basic technology and even proceed to start harvesting local resources, putting them to use in building a new township, spaceport, refinery, city or some other urban device in which to promote settlement. The Tau Empire could expand into ready-made cities which exist prior to their arrival!

Indeed, bringing the Kroot in on this one could allow for Krootalid strike troopers, Kroot who themselves can psy-teleport once every few years over immense distances. Given everything, a well prepared team could be constructed and trained as ‘deep cover’ or long-operation agents, dispatched against far-flung worlds as guerrilla warriors, scouts, saboteurs or even as ambassadors, diplomats, anthropologists, linguists and cultural wayfinders…

Who cares for vespids when the dawn of the Krootalids is upon us?!


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