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August 18, 2009

A magnificent summer

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It’s getting towards the end of the summer. For the first time since 2006, I’m not off on ‘the holiday’ with folks from first year. They’re off right now in Croatia, living it up in the way only they know how. I’d went to Dublin and Cork with them early ’06, to Prague in summer ’06, to Poland in the awesome culmination of dreary summer ’07, to Bratislava (and also to Vienna for a day) with them in ’08 and now, ’09…nothing.

But don’t let that be a disappointment. This summer has been excellent. Back in Fife Park with DRA doing a spot of cleaning. My sleeping pattern is as awful, depressing and entirely irritating as always, but that aside things are fantastic. The first month was a brilliant bit of ‘relaxing’ in the run up to graduation. Oh, yes, that’s right: I graduated.

Graduation Ball: McIntosh through the ages

Graduation Ball: McIntosh through the ages

It was buckets of fun. That’s Simon on the extreme left, then me, the Martin and, it appears, his not-as-imaginary-as-I-always-insisted girlfriend! Also Sean and dear David Mundy!

Suffice, June culminated in that most delightful (and stressful) of days; graduation. My family were on the verge of ruining things through stress and general awkwardness, but I would like to firmly attest: I survived!

Nay, I did better than survived, I flourished. Unfortunately graduation also marked the impossibility of some envisioned futures for myself. Far from being the successful high-flier I’d imagined, I instead stood facing a not-too-distant abyss, one which yawned and continues to yawn. That said, as precipices go this one is pretty darned comfortable. I haven’t managed to save as much as I’d like to have, not decisively decided upon my options for the future, but I have rediscovered (and modified slightly) a fine little motto from days of old. (No, not ‘if we had some ham, we could have ham and eggs, if we had some eggs’!)

I’ve been here for a long time, but now I’m here for a good time.

It is sufficient to say that I have indeed been in this delightful town for a very long time. Ten semesters and two summers, plus many an inter-semester break, some reading weeks, some spring holidays and even once most of the Christmas holiday. In any case I’ve been here for a while. Perhaps too long. It remains to be seen.

Still, here I am, the end. Well, the edge of the end. The precipice. The surface of the bubble. July was rather interesting. It commenced with what we shall call ‘an unexpected development‘ and continued with a few more. Some excellent nights with some tremendous friends. By the night of my birthday, things were hitting a head. It might be noted that I didn’t return to Fife Park until roughly six in the evening, the next day.

And so life continued, bumblingly bouncing from one captivating caper to the next. Then, with the passing of some intervening time, some more adventures, I arrived at today. And I don’t know what happened next.

Regardless, this last week or two has been marked with many goodbyes, many ‘have a good life’s and many more of the same. I’d like anyone and everyone reading to note and recall this: ask me at some point in the future to giver you an account of my July ’09 Glasgow adventure, to call it ‘the night of a lifetime’ is not entirely unwarranted.

The folks from first year (and Kathryn) commencing the Glasgow adventure

The folks from first year commencing the Glasgow adventure

This weekend, certain developments took further turns, but that’s not exactly blog material. Ask on this also over a pint one-time.

Though the summer has been neither productive nor successful, it has been an immense time. I’d like to highlight my enthusiasm here. Things are by no means ‘going well’ in general, but the future is bright and more importantly: the present is bright. And the past? The past has never been brighter. Now if I can just try to ride the bow-wave of what you might call a supernova of the last five years, then things ought to turn out rather nicely. As disastrous as my fifth year was; it wasn’t a disaster at all. It’s lucky I have two hands!

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’m off to compare apples and oranges, have my cake and eat it and probably teach an old dog a new trick. Pip pip!

A grand ol summer

A grand ol' summer


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