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August 2, 2009

40k & Earth’s Prehistory

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This is a bit of a disorganised ramble. Walking home a few weeks (actually, months now) back, I had a bit of an inspiration. I was rereading Mechanicum (by Graham McNeil) at the time. Here’s an account of some notes I scribbled in the shadow of a church as I raced to pen my thoughts before they escaped me noggin’

  • Kebira (crater): Golden Throne (of Mars) tech? Noosphere definitely.
  • What is different in our past from 40k’s?
  1. Ancient structures & monuments ‘impossible to build’ but done so via access to Akashic
  2. Shaman sacrifice ~8000bc
  3. The Dragon of Mars on Terra
  4. Link to Legacy of the Old Ones? The remnants of Akashic?
  5. Relate to Parkers’ Headhunted Orkoid (Veridian/Jade) Throne?

Discuss at some point in the future:

  • Thrones of the Old Ones
  • Halos of the Star Vampires

Connect both of the above to DH Halo devices and the two Golden Thrones, the Silver Throne, the Orkoid Throne and Theta-wave enhanced…

-> Speculate on the Bone Throne of the Eldar?

->Relate to Demiurg

-> Thrones

-> DH Campaigns:

  • Throne Builders (<- Cult affiliated to planetary governor) in Day of the Demiurg
  • Call of C’tan (Age of Astartes)
  • Epoch of the Eldar

Of Course!

Ethereals! They don’t get put into an ether-box; they are put onto a throne! That’s their trial by ether: a throne! An old one throne. Silver makes ’em psykers so what colour suits? Brass? Too Khornate? Bronze? Could be about right, expose ’em to the warp or a daemon, but not much else. ‘The Ether Throne’ on T’au might be golden, but the derivatives sound about right. Especially the Bronze Throne. Revic, it’s time for you and the Envoy to get cracking again!


  • Write into Demiurg-Tau relations
  • suggest to CM re: Tyranothrones?
  • Email Roy suggesting some famous thrones of the Khareshi Expanse!

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