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April 1, 2009

Xisor’s Madcap Ideas

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I’ve been around the Internet in my present form(s) for a fair few years. I’m an unashamed geek and quite content with my obsession* with the likes of the BLP’s books (and generally GW IP). It’s a hobby, I’m cool with it. I enjoy the ideas.

In my time, however, I’ve come to develop a fair few pet theories, projects and ideas. I’ve liaised with a lot of folks and generally enjoyed a good order of back-and-forth with regards to…well, almost all of it. I hope to detail the individual points and outlooks in time. For now I’ll simply give a quick list of some of them, in no particular order.

1- The Demiurg (across almost all GW lore)
2- The Tau Commerce Protection Fleet (BFG)
3- The Ethereals, the Flickering Lights in the Sky and the conspiracy behind the Tau’va
4- The Ultimate Fate of Nathaniel Garro (cref: “Ula, Doom of Heroes” and the Grey Knights)
5- The Adeptus Me-can-icus.
6- The legitimacy and plausibility of the various primarchs. (Lorgar: Not just a religious eejit. Guilliman: an evidently superbly skilled strategician, logician and military thinker, capable of compiling an immense and almost exhaustive array of doctrines and rearranging them sensibly etc)
7- An outlook on the White Scars which paints them as a highly fluid fighting force rather than a Astartes “Speed-Freaks-gone-tribal” hunting force.
8- The Tau Empire as a viable social, economic, philosophical, psychological (basically scientifically holistic) entity which runs because it actually functions well, not because it is being mysteriously controlled and sinisterly glued together.
9- The Emperor as a reincarnation of Vaul and various Old Ones. A ‘remnant’ or recombination within the warp. Also crosses with Lorgar having discovered a way to ‘make the Emperor an Old One’, hence his whole outlook during the Great Crusade. Juxtaposed with the conception that, nowadays (40k), the Emperor is much more likely to ‘ascend’ and become a fifth Chaos God…that of obedience and ignorance.
10- Isstvan V. Much, much more than the dropsite Massacre.
11- The Golden Throne is a Webway thingamy. Cool! I like it. I like the combination of all the ‘Thrones’ of 40k: Silver Throne from Faith and Fire, the other Golden Throne of Mechanicum and, of course, the eponymous Golden Throne of Terra itself. A fascinating reason for everything. Ties into issues six and nine very closely.


Anyway. I also just failed miserably at the West Highland Way. By fail miserably, I mean I got over a half of the way through it before my big toe gave me issues (also, of course, the blisters, but those were a lesser problem!). Never mind. I can do it again another time. Halfway is fine for a fat pie like me. I was raring to go further, but, as mentioned, the ol’ big toe shenanigans were too much to be going on with.

Still, back home now with lots of time to do lots of work. Hooray.

  • It’s not an obsession in the sense of any sort of disorder, but merely that I formulate my hobby habits on this basis. Nothing too dangerous, I hope, but it does mean I talk the legs off people about trivially obscure bits of ‘franchise/tie-in fiction’ and its associated lore.

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