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February 6, 2008

Control and results.

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Well, it’s about time I summed up some self-control. First up is the organisation and orchestration of my thoughts. I have had enough of them running free and while. I’m aware of some skills I have, and I’m not entirely happy leaving everything to chance…largely as I can’t be at all sure (or even hazard a guess) as to what the odds are. Exerting some control over oneself, over ones mind, seems a good place to start asserting yourself.

 So with that in mind, I’ve begun my little excursion into neo-stoicism. It’s not gone very far yet, but over the next few months and years I’d like my studies to be fruitful insofar as I regain a fraction of my logical and rational self back from the abyss! Unfortunately, some of me might have to go into the abyss to get the other bits out…but we’ll examine the trade as and when the time comes.

 In other news

It’s results day. Two low 2:2 grades for Relativity and Fundamentals of Pure. A moderate 2:1 for Complex Analysis and a First for Physics of Atoms. Altogether, I’m quite pleased. This semester sits at an okay 2:1 average, with my honours average (CWM) coming out at a 2:2. I can hopefully pull it up towards a 2:1, but we’ll see how that goes.

In other other news

I’ve been reading alot lately, it’s good fun. Everyone should do it. The more and the more often…the merrier, I suspect. I also need to remind myself to read some Philip Larkin.

But anyway, to close, I’ve got to dash and pick up supplies. It’s (extended) Lord of the Rings-athon day today, first time I’ve watched them in a while. Probably doesn’t do to only have had an hour-and-an-half’s sleep, but I shall endeavour me bestest to watch ’em all!

 Pip pip and to the town!


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